TaraTari delivers International Standards in Fibre Composite and concepts for Marine Application

About Us. Ethics And Innovations

TaraTari Shipyard is more than just a firm. It begins with an encounter between its Managing Director, Yves Marre, and Bangladesh, 19 years ago. It continues with the aim to accompany the country’s development by introducing new innovative technologies for boat building. Now it has become the adventure of men, giving their best every day to offer a better future for their country.


The vocation of TaraTari
The vocation of TaraTari is “Skills Transfer” to the people of Bangladesh willing to develop Fibre Composites to Best Standards.
The trend of TaraTari
The trend of TaraTari is “Constant Developments” of new products, state of the art, adapted for tomorrows needs.
The aim of TaraTari
The aim of TaraTari is “Excellence” in product manufacturing quality, sustainability and reliability.