TaraTari delivers International Standards in Fibre Composite and concepts for Marine Application

Our History. Two Decades Of Commitment For Bangladesh

TaraTari Shipyard was created by Yves Marre, Managing Director.

Mr Marre is French, sailor, and actor of development projects in countries such as Bangladesh, subject to different problematic due to water constraints.

More than 19 years experience of boatbuilding in Bangladesh starting in 1996, creating floating solutions for those requiring specific help in order to sustain and sometime survive on the various type of water, rivers or sea.
Ever since, many solutions have already been researched, developed and implemented such as Floating Hospitals, River Ambulances, Fishing Boats, Safe Passenger Carriers and many more.
With bringing into the researches and implementations foreign engineers and designers specialists, TaraTari provides optimum solutions to diverse demands and requirements with constant concerns for the highest standards of construction and safety.

The social values of the director and associates of the project allow TaraTari to invest the major amount of its profits into research and developments in order to multiply those essential floating solutions.

The expertise of  TaraTari in material for marine vehicles construction varies from wood to steel, but mainly emphasis on composite building with the use of fibre glass for longevity and safety technical aspects.