TaraTari delivers International Standards in Fibre Composite and concepts for Marine Application

Our Mission. Optimized Floating Solutions

Bangladesh is the second largest and most densely populated delta of the world. It is amongst the lowest countries on earth and the one that will suffer the most of the consequences of the climate change. Bangladesh has the largest fleet of the Planet, however the present poor standards in boat building leads for the fishermen to be doing the most risky work on earth. Populations on land are also facing the combined problems of erosion, siltation, floods and cyclons. The need of finding adapted solutions for Bangladeshi people is becoming day by day more dramatic.

TaraTari’s Mission

  • To build optimised, safe and sustainable boats, combining traditional knowledge and modern technologies.
  • To design and develop floating solutions for people of Bangladesh and countries facing similar problematic.
To fulfil its mission, TaraTari has been developing different aspects:
  • Research and development to design any floating solutions (safe fishing or passenger transport boat, hospitals, house boats, goods carrier boat…)
  • Mass production
  • Refitting of diverse type of boats according to international standards (fibre composite)
  • Training and skills transfer (fibre-glass technology) to the shipyard workers and people using our boats

“TaraTari”, in Bengali, means “fast”. We have to develop rapidly, optimized floating solutions to reduce those disastrous consequences aging of the fleet, shortage in proper woods, deforestation and consequences of climatic changes on Bangladeshi people.