TaraTari delivers International Standards in Fibre Composite and concepts for Marine Application

Fibre Composites. FRP Fibre Reinforced Plastic or GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic

Taratari is a leader in the development of fibre composite applied for ship building in Bangladesh.

This technology is beneficial in many aspects, such as:

  • Strength of the structure
  • Increased lifetime of boats
  • Increased performances
  • Improved safety
  • Easy and efficient maintenance etc…

Our vocation in developing Composite Shipbuilding is also to transfer our knowledge for the good application of this technology  to local population, to ensure good manufacturing practice and future maintenance of such boats.

Fibre composite shipbuilding improvements:

  • Increased Safety (un-sinkable with buoyancy reserves)
  • Increased Range capability (faster)
  • Increased Strength (fibre composite strength)
  • Increased Lifetime of boat (fibre use)
  • Increased Loading Capacity (larger or equal carriage capacity)

Despite the cost being 10 times greater for the production of a fibre composite boat compared to the used wooden types, it is proved that it is a viable solution regarding to a lifetime scale of 20 years, the expectancy of a fibre composite boat.

Fibre Composites Applications:

Safe Fishing Service