TaraTari delivers International Standards in Fibre Composite and concepts for Marine Application

Marine Carpentry. Preservation of Naval Heritage of Bangladesh

TaraTari is involved in the preservation of naval heritage in Bangladesh by supporting projects of rebuilding of traditional wooden vessel. The shipyard tries also to promote this incredible culture in Bangladesh and around the world.


Traditional Cruising Eco Friendly Tourism
  • B 613 Malar Boat
  • The “B613” is maybe the bigger and most beautiful traditional boat in activity in Bangladesh. This was made possible by the incredible work of Mr. Yves Marre who worked very hard to restore this old boat and maintain it alive.

  • Fleche D’Or Panchi Boat
  • The “Fléche d’Or” is another incredible boat restore by Mr. Yves Marre. This boat disappeared of the country but thanks to Mr. Marre it was possible to maintain one alive. It is now used by the tourism firm, Contics, for tourism trip.

Traditional Naval Heritage Preservation
In aim to create a living museum regrouping the major traditional ships of Bangladesh at full scale along with the 150+ different existing model boats, TaraTari is applying its expertise in marine carpentry to renew those significant ships. This social initiative of TaraTari is partnered with NGO Friendship. Here are a few of the realisation of the last years, building towards the communication of what was the largest traditional fleet of the world not so long ago.