TaraTari delivers International Standards in Fibre Composite and concepts for Marine Application

Training Center. Skill Transfer

Bangladesh is an historical maritime Nation with a present lack of quality regarding technical education in modern boat building and maintenance.
Technical and vocational education is a solution to increase skilled population and help millions young Bangladeshi to obtain skills and improve their livelihood. Moreover, it can significantly improve children labour issues, by processing a part time technical education, therefore reducing their hard labour activities and giving them access to better work opportunities.

In 2013, TaraTari shipyard delivered the first fibreglass training in Bangladesh with FAO for 15 technicians.

Watever, in partnership with TaraTari shipyard, is developing now a training centre for the following options :

– Fibreglass composite training

This new material is a solution to develop strong, safe and long lasting boats. In January 2013, TaraTari Shipyard provided training for 15 technicians in fibreglass boat building and repairs. The government has recently changed its policy in favor of fibreglass composite.

– Basic Mechanics

Most of the boats in Bangladesh are equipped with Chinese diesel engines. A good knowledge of these engines will have a great impact on the country, TaraTari Shipyard already trained fishermen on basic mechanical maintenance for each boat delivered (more than 70).

Boat building skills will allow students to work in Shipyards and also in any industry with use of similar materials. This technical education will contain a global approach of boat building as well as very specialized knowledge in their chosen option.