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B 613 Malar Boat

Naval Heritage

The B613 is a Malar type boat, largest of the traditional fleet of Bangladesh. As the sails and naval heritage of Bangladesh was disappearing day by day for the last 20 years, Yves created Contic Tourism Company, using and re-habilitating traditional wooden boats for high standard and eco-friendly discovery of Bangladeshi countryside.

Other Info
  • Origin: Pabna
  • Cruising Areas: Sundarbans and Jamuna
Technical Characteristics
  • Length: 28m
  • Beam moulded: 6.7m
  • Main Deck: 12 Guests & 4Crew
  • Joining Process: Staples
  • Number of Sails: 2 Squares
  • Rudder Type: Triangular
  • Displacement 12 to 56 tons