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Emirates Friendship Hospital.

Emirates Friendship Hospital

Medical Boat

Emirates Friendship Hospital is the second floating hospital of Bangladesh. Steel Catamaran of 27m designed and constructed by TaraTari as a medical unit for the isolated populations of North Bangladesh, EFH has been operational for around 6 years. EFH is the second unit floating hospital completing the Friendship Fleet to bring free medical care to the most in need, isolated populations of the Brahmaputra River nomad’s islands.

Technical Characteristics
  • Length: 27m
  • Beam moulded: 11m
  • Hull Lower Deck: Crew Accommodation
  • Deck 1: Medical Facilities
  • Deck 2: Crew and Guests Quarters
  • Deck 3: Crew Lounge, bridge
  • 2 x 66 KVA Generators Day Service
  • 1 x 30 KVA Generator Night Service
  • Multi outboard engines for propulsion
General Characteristics
  • Male & Female doctor Units
  • Paediatric Unit
  • Paediatric Unit
  • General Eye Unit
  • Pathology Laboratory Unit
  • X-Ray General and Dentistry Unit
  • Ward Preparation & Wakeup Unit
  • 1 x Eye Operation Theatre 1
  • 1 x General Operation Theatre 2
  • Sterilisation Unit