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Fleche D’Or Panchi Boat.

Fleche D’Or Panchi Boat

Naval Heritage

The Fleche D’Or is a Panchi type boat, fast, river sailing ship of the traditional fleet of Bangladesh. As with the B613 Malar, Contic have been using and re-habilitating this traditional wooden boat for high standard and eco-friendly cruises for discovery of Bangladeshi countryside.

Other Info
  • Origin: Pabna
  • Cruising Areas: Savar and Dhaka
Technical Characteristics
  • Length: 22.8m
  • Beam moulded: 3m
  • Capacity: 34 guests & 2 Crew
  • Joining Process: Staples
  • Number of Sails (Originally): 2 Squares
  • Rudder Type: Triangular
  • Displacement 10 to 16 tons